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The Shadow of My Missing Soulmate by borda

Ok so I may try to draw but I am not any good yet. I am however an avid photographer. As far as composition is concerned its breathtaking. However i wouldn't say its perfect. Ill begin with really the only remotely negative thing i haft to say. Which is the hand on the ride side of the picture. Its interesting because it seems to suggest the man to be drawn in ink. Which is very cool. However from a picture standpoint, to me, it distracts slightly from the focus of the picture. Pictures naturally lead left to right or right to left. IN your case its wonderful how it builds in complexity and importance from left to right... candles to the man to the shadow of the man finally to the shadow of the woman. Which to me is the key of both the meaning and imagery. However the concept of the hand drawing is very fascinating. So over all I'd say that either way you would have had a wonderful piece of art. Moving on. I really enjoy the moody lighting that is created by the candles. It really compliments the sobering meanings. The lighting in general is virtually flawless overall. Honestly im not even sure i understand what the man is... what is he even made out of!? Any way... Quick point. The line that draws from your signature out and fades from focus.... Amazing! Its wonderful because it creates a counter movement to the flow if ideas and draws eyes right to left in contrast to the other movement. It creates a wonderful psychological X right over the man, really making your focal POP. Also the way the wood table contraste the paper is great. It creates yet another perpendicular line, its a little sharper but it creates some interesting perspectives. To be honest i could probably go on for quite some time, but i think I've said enough. I hope my words make you think about something you may not have thought of. Or perhaps let you see something of your own in a slightly different light. Either way thank you for the opportunity to really give some in depth thought on a truly unique work of art.
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